Rise of the Video Game on the Discovery Channel


I missed the premiere of the mini-series on November 21rst! There is a re-broadcast of the first episode (called Level 1) scheduled for December 14th at 8:00pm followed by a broadcast of the second episode (Level 2) at 9:00pm that same night. There are five episodes in all and they are scheduled for Wednesday nights. I'm including the episode summaries below.

Design matters in interesting places

Drawing matters for design in industry. Schematics, who create interactive experiences for the Xbox made a presentation at the conference I'm attending. They create some crazy, amazing interfaces for EA that demand that the creator understand space, visually. Wow!


Liveblogging AIGA Next:

Designing for Experience::

Hugh Dubberly

Bill Buxton


Liveblogging AIGA Next:: Design methods in K-12 education


Meredith Davis

Doreen Nelson

Miss Daarina Abdus-Samad 


Design in K-12 Education


there exists a Masters degree in Design Based Learning at Cal Poly Pomona

Liveblogging AIGA Next:: The Impact of Research on Design Practice

Meredith Davis
Elizabeth Sanders
Sharon Poggenpohl


Meredith Davis

unclear what people consider "design research"

Edward Castronova keynote at DiGRA

Liveblogging DiGRA keynote by Edward Castronova (EC)

sense mutual contempt between some members and keynote speaker from overheard snippets of conversations.


Liveblogging from Digital Games Research Association 2007, Tokyo

Overall exhaustion has me moving more slowly than I'd like. I'm at the Digtial Games Research Association international conference in Tokyo, Japan. I'll be on a panel organized by Games for Change, where I'll be presenting some introductory information about P4 to an international audience of game researchers and creators. I'm attending sessions that will be of interest to our teaching partners in Denver, as well as to game development students in general. I'll try to transcribe notes that I've written on paper, and will then try to write new notes directly to the blog.

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