TGI 2009 Programming Notes & Examples

Click on this link for Scott's notes on programming from TGI 2009.

4/13 - Using Broadcast to control game states

Use the following blocks, under "Control" to control how your game starts, ends, and changes:

  • "broadcast" (create new message by clicking on the arrow)
  • "when I receive" (choose which message by clicking on the arrow)

Use these to:

Can Greenfoot run on an EVEREX $200.00 computer from WalMart?

Here is an interesting hardware challenge. I'm always looking for inexpensive tools that can get the job done. I've just heard about a computer now on sale at WalMart for $199.00 made by Everex. It comes pre-loaded with an Ubuntu flavor of Linux OS, GIMP open source pixel editing package, and Open Office productivity software. Would it be possible to get Java and Greenfoot, as well as InkScape running on one of these machines? It would be great to be able to configure a game-making machine for the price of a nice set of kicks.

More details on the Everex:


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