Systems are groups of things that behave as a single thing.

A game console is a system that is made up of a bunch of parts. Many of those parts are themselves made up of other parts. All of the parts have been organized to work together. All of the parts have been put into a relationship with each other.

A game console has some large and identifiable parts. The game controller or game pad is the part that a player holds in their hand. It is an interface — or point of contact — with the other parts. Pushing buttons on the game pad causes things to happen in the other parts. The game pad is important to the system because you cannot do much without it. Without the game pad a player cannot choose a game, or make a character move across the screen. Other large identifiable parts of this system are the containers for the games. These are the disks or cartridges that hold the games.

A game is also a system made up of a bunch of parts. Different kinds of parts are needed depending on what kind of game. The most important part, though, is the set of rules.



What other large identifiable parts are there in a game console?

What kind of invisible parts might there be?

Is a television or a screen a part of a game console system? If so, How? If not, Why not?