1. Rules
    1. constraints
      1. formal constraints
      2. conceptual constraints
    2. disciplined expression
    3. parameters
  2. Implicit/Explicit
    1. forms imply how they are to be used
      1. based on history
      2. based on context
  3. Systems
    1. relationships among rules
    2. emergent complexity
  4. Algorithms
  5. Assessment
    1. games are experiential and must be played to be assessed
    2. the designer should not play to assess their own creation
    3. players will play reflectively
    4. players will be assumed to be playing to win, unless they proclaim their intention to do otherwise
    5. non-players will actively observe games as they are played
    6. players and non-players will offer observations and constructive critiques to the designer
    7. designers, players and non-players will record their observations in their notebooks and upload them as comments to the wiki
  6. Role of the player
    1. play to win
    2. play to draw
    3. play to lose
    4. play to spoil
    5. play "against the text"
    6. an ethic of competition