Day 1

Introduce a productive definition of games.
Introduce the experiential nature of games.
Introduce the idea of formal constraints (as traction).
Hand out tokens/pawns/game-pieces from a randomized selection, two per person.
Hand out two sheets of paper per person.
Hand out one six-sided die per person.
Hand out a set of magic markers per person.

Give the participants ten minutes to make a two-player game that uses an 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper as the field of play, and with play that is completable in three minutes.

Give class time to make game.

Play-test the games of each participant.

Observe how the randomly selected game tokens affect the shaping of the game rules, themes, and settings.
Begin to develop a culture of helpful critique for improving each other's games.
Begin to participate as a reflective player.