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Powerful Girls, Powerful Women

The New York Times has a long article celebrating the beauty in the power of women athletes, in particular the top women tennis players. This is a transmedia piece with a slide show, text, and videos in extreme slow motion. Two of the women featured in the article, one of whom is also in the video, have also taken time off for motherhood and continue to perform at the top levels of the game. A close reading reveals some of the support network, the village of people, needed to be able to be a top performer.

Images refreshed on P4games.org

Josh and I are exploring Drupal themes to provide a visual refresh to P4games.org. In anticipation, I have added a set of twenty images that will cycle as visitors navigate from page to page. These have been drawn from both Pixels Programming & Play, and from the Teacher Game Institute.

Safari 4 and Drupal are not playing well together

This entry is being written from within Firefox. Last week I attempted to make some updates from within Safari as we began the Summer Gamecamp at MLK. I was not successful. A quick search revealed that others in internetland are also having issues with this particular configuration. I don't have a resolution yet.

Rise of the Video Game on the Discovery Channel


I missed the premiere of the mini-series on November 21rst! There is a re-broadcast of the first episode (called Level 1) scheduled for December 14th at 8:00pm followed by a broadcast of the second episode (Level 2) at 9:00pm that same night. There are five episodes in all and they are scheduled for Wednesday nights. I'm including the episode summaries below.

Design matters in interesting places

Drawing matters for design in industry. Schematics, who create interactive experiences for the Xbox made a presentation at the conference I'm attending. They create some crazy, amazing interfaces for EA that demand that the creator understand space, visually. Wow!


Can Greenfoot run on an EVEREX $200.00 computer from WalMart?

Here is an interesting hardware challenge. I'm always looking for inexpensive tools that can get the job done. I've just heard about a computer now on sale at WalMart for $199.00 made by Everex. It comes pre-loaded with an Ubuntu flavor of Linux OS, GIMP open source pixel editing package, and Open Office productivity software. Would it be possible to get Java and Greenfoot, as well as InkScape running on one of these machines? It would be great to be able to configure a game-making machine for the price of a nice set of kicks.

More details on the Everex:


Creator of Mario on "design" and "idea"

This was contributed to me by Devin Monnens. It's a link to an interview with the head of Nintendo, Iwata-san, where he discusses Miyamoto-san's definitions of "idea" and goals for "design". I'll include a snippet, but it's worth chasing the link. Shigeru Miyamoto created Donkey Kong, all of the Super Mario Titles, and all of the Legend of Zelda titles for Nintendo. Miyamoto-san has made some of the most important and the most fun videogames in history. When he speaks, game designers listen:

Two federal scholarship programs

I just saw a commercial for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) college scholarship program. I quickly went online to find more details. You can find out more at http://www.chci.org/chciyouth/scholarship/scholarship.htm

The good news is that there is some money available. The bad news is that it offers a maximum of 4000 dollars per year. With current college tuition rates I don't think that this will cover all of the costs, even at a state college. Still, every little bit helps.

Liveblogging AIGA Next:

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Design in K-12 Education


there exists a Masters degree in Design Based Learning at Cal Poly Pomona

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